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Stone’s Sheep Trail

Stone’s Sheep Trail

This trail starts out heading towards the man-made dyke used to channel the flood waters coming down the alluvial fan. Once across the alluvial fan you can see an old road heading up the side of the fan to an old highway construction camp where remains of building can still be found. From here you can choose to follow the northern or southern drainage.

For a hike up the northern drainage, continue along the edge of the alluvial fan until you come to a drainage coming out on your left. Heading up this drainage will find you hiking the bed of the alluvial fan, over rough or uneven ground. This trail continues for another km to a small waterfall. At this point the slope and elevation gain become considerable.

To follow the southern drainage, keep to the right of the grassy area heading up the original drainage. Cross over the creek coming out of the norther drainage and onto the grassy area in front of you, keeping the creek to your right. Continue along this drainage for another 1.3 kms before it also starts getting steep and narrow.

Keep an eye out for Stone’s Sheep, as they have a tendency to stay close to the steep walls of the southern drainage.

Length: Northern drainage = 4.2 km return, Southern drainage = 5.1 km return

Difficulty: Moderately easy

Directions: The start of this trail is found 253 km northwest of Fort Nelson. 2 km past the Strawberry Flats Provincial Campground. Turn off the highway to the right into a pullout with interpretive signs and ample parking.

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Stone’s Sheep Trail

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