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MacDonald Valley/Wokkpash Valley

McDonald Valley/Wokkpash Valley

MacDonald Valley is a wide, picturesque valley named for a Cree Indian who helped road crews discover the easiest route for the highway during its’ construction.

The Wokkpash Valley is where nature has sculpted an other-worldly scene of imposing stone erosion pillars, called hoodoos, and on to Forlorn Gorge and the glacial blue Wokkpash Lake.

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  • "A long hike but so worth it,"

    So this is a review from a hike 19 years ago but it left such an impression I am writing this review. Perhaps 2019 will be the 20 year reunion hike!

    The weather in this area can change rapidly and heavy rains delaying travel are not uncommon. Fortunately the 5 day hike we did was a few days after such an event and we enjoyed sunny skies and temperatures above 30 celcius.

    We hiked up the mine road and camped on the edge of the road near a small lake which in late summer offers a wonderful warm swimming opportunity.

    Once on the trail, make sure you view the hoodoos from the river’s edge. Once at Wokkpash Lake there are rather limited opportunities to camp right beside the lake on a flat spot.

    Once you leave Wokkpash Lake it is a steep climb up the the alpine valley which goes to last call lake and your next camping location. If you are hiking in hot weather, it is advised that you start early in the cooler morning as opportunities for sourcing water for this section are very limited. We left our campsite a 5 am.

    We saw 2 other parties over 5 days. One was just coming out at the trailhead after a few days of fishing and we saw the tent of another party off in the distance one evening.

    One great feature of this hike is that if you hike the entire loop, your start and end points are along the Alaska Highway are not far apart.

    Again, enjoy another awesome experience in the Northern Rockies!

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McDonald Valley/Wokkpash Valley

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