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The final pulse of a storm passing over Muncho Lake, northern British Columbia

Renowned for its jade green color , the beautiful lake extends over 7.5 miles (12 kms). The jade color of the lake is attributed to the presence of copper oxide leached from the redrock.

This deep, cold glacier lake is a haven for fishing and boating with several bays to explore. Launch areas can be found in both provincial park campgrounds on the lake edge or at any of the lodges/RV parks along its length. To find out if you need a Boaters License and how to get one click here.

Activities: canoeing, paddle boarding, motor boats, fly-fishing.

Species: Lake Trout, Arctic Grayling, Bull Trout, Whitefish.

This area is currently open, but please respect physical distancing requirements when using areas throughout the Northern Rockies.



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Muncho Lake, BC, Canada

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