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Muskwa-Kechika Management Area

Muskwa-Kechika Management Area

The Muskwa-Kechika Management Area (M-KMA) is approximately twice the size of Vancouver Island, at 6.4 million hectares. It is a globally significant area of wilderness management located in the heart of the Northern Rockies Regional Municipality. Home to some of the greatest diversity and abundance of wildlife, the M-KMA is one of the last great remnants of the vast wilderness that once existed across North America. Recognized in 2007 with Premier’s Bronze award for innovation and excellence, the M-KMA is an inspiring model of how human activities can be harmoniously integrated with protecting a unique wilderness forever.

The M-KMA is an innovative management system, named after two major rivers that flow through the area. The names Muskwa and Kechika are of Dene First Nation origin and translate to Bear and Long Inclining River. The M-KMA encompasses a vast area within the Northern Rockies Regional Municipality, on the west side of the Alaska Highway beginning at Fort St. John and ending near Watson Lake.

Motorized access to the special management within the boundaries of the Northern Rockies, is restricted to specific designated routes called “Access Management Area” (AMA) routes. These are specifically designated routes for 4x4s, ATVs and snowmobiles that are also suitable for horseback riding:

  • Wokkpash Corridor – Mile 382 (Kilometre 619)
  • Nonda Creek Corridor – Mile 409 (Kilometre 658)
  • West Toad Corridor – Mile 425 (Kilometre 689)
  • Yedhe Creek Trail – Mile 424 (Kilometre 687)
  • Liard River Corridor – Mile 478 (Kilometre 774)

Each AMA route has different traveling restrictions for further information please refer to the M-KMA website at

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Muskwa-Kechika Management Area

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