Stone Mountain Summit Lake

Stone Mountain / Summit Lake | Mile 375 (Kilometre 601)

The highest point on the Alaska Highway, this lake is the perfect stop for a hike or quiet canoe ride.

As you travel the Alaska Highway through the Northern Rockies, you will encounter several BC Provincial Parks and Protected areas. Each one is unique and dedicated to the preservation of the natural environment. Stone Mountain Provincial Park encompasses the Summit Pass area and extends south to the Wokkpash protected area. This massive landscape offers a variety of parks, campgrounds, rustic lodges, world-class hiking trails and spectacular mountain scenery.

There are many hiking trails to choose from within Stone Mountain Provincial Park โ€“ all of which are accessible from the Alaska Highway. Please refer to the hiking section of this Travel Guide for more details on the various trails including hiking distance and destinations.

You have reached the highest point on the Alaska Highway! Summit Lake is at an elevation of 4,250 feet/1,295 meters above sea level. The Summit Lake area is known for dramatic and sudden weather changes and travelers have been known to see snow in every month of the year. With its cold temperatures, Summit Lake is one of few lakes on the Alaska Highway and is a popular fishing destination. There is a concrete boat launch where motorized and non-motorized boats are permitted at this popular fishing destination.

At the east end of Summit Lake is Summit Lake Provincial Campground consisting of 28 unserviced level gravel sites, picnic tables, and firepits. Summit Lake Provincial Campground is a peaceful overnight stop on the Alaska Highway and a popular staging area for a day hike to Flower Springs or Summit Peak.

As you travel past Summit Lake, watch for the Erosion Pillars on your right. See them up close by following the short (1 km) walking trail just off the highway.

As you begin your descent from Summit Lake you will travel towards MacDonald Valley โ€“ watch for Stone Sheep along the narrow, curvy portion of the highway. While it is tempting to stop on the highway to take pictures, please find a safe location to pull over.


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