Anglers can drop a line and experience some superb freshwater fishing in the Northern Rockies. Not only are most fishing areas easily accessible, but they are generally enjoyed with phenomenal scenery and unbeatable tranquility.

There are countless rivers and lakes to fish for different species of fish including rainbow trout, Arctic grayling, whitefish, bull trout, northern pike, Dolly Varden, and more. If you are looking for added adventure or a more personalized experience, backcountry outfitters offer short day trips to multi-day guided fishing excursions.

There are a variety of riverboat excursions to be had including trips along the Muskwa, Liard, and Toad rivers, and small rivers and tributaries in the area. While many of the lakes in the area, including iconic Muncho Lake, are ideal for boaters.

Safe & Responsible Travel

When travelling in the Northern Rockies, it's always a good idea to plan and be prepared. Expect changing weather, long travel distances, and remote outdoor experiences. While exploring, remember to leave no trace, respect the wildlife who call this place home and having a safety system in place. 

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