Perhaps one of the best kept secrets in British Columbia, Fort Nelson and the Northern Rockies are home to some of the most dazzling night skies in the entire province. This area of BC is situated right below the “auroral zone”. This means the Northern Lights pathway is directly overhead from early August until the middle of May.

Equally as important when it comes to viewing the northern lights, the Northern Rockies area is blessed with very little light pollution. With some of the clearest night skies and dry weather in Canada, this area offers tremendous opportunities to view the spectacle. Once a person views the Northern Lights for the first time, it can be a very surreal experience. At their peak, they can illuminate the entire sky, as they whip and dance overhead, leaving people in a state of astonishment.

Places and Tips for Viewing the Northern Lights

Head Northeast
The lights will often be in first view in the northeast and sweep westward across the sky. Some top places to view are from the Muskwa River, Stone Mountain and Muncho Lake provincial parks, and Liard River Hot Springs.
Get Out of Town
Even a slight glow from town can impact the quality of your Northern Lights viewing. Find a place away from town where the skies are pitch black.
Put in the Time
It's all about patience to see the Northern Lights. They do not follow a schedule so there will be moments of inactivity, but the key is to stay persistent. Peak activity often occurs just before or after midnight.