The Northern Rockies is a natural playground for photographers. Whether you are looking for animal close ups or vast vistas and landscapes, it can all be found in this area of BC.

The Always Highway itself is the draw for many photography enthusiasts. This long, winding road is lined with trees, mountains, lakes, and rivers that offer different viewpoints and dramatic angles for the perfect shot. For those looking for a more private and exclusive shot, there is option to join a guided tour for a truly one-of-a-kind trip into the backcountry. Visitors can pick their favourite mode of transportation to explore—from guided hikes, river boat cruises, horseback riding escapes, and floatplane journeys. Each offers a different view and perspective of the landscape, for endless focal point possibilities.

"True to the north, abundance and diversity are the pillars of what makes this place so fulfilling for the adventurous spirit and photographer alike. The opportunities are endless for those that are willing to stretch their comfort zone, and seek exceptionally wild and untamed wilderness." - Local photographer, Ryan Dickie of Winter Hawk Studios


winter hiking with sunset
Winter Hawk Studios
Muncho Lake
Winter Hawk Studios