Watch in wonder while nature's light show sends vibrant colours streaking through the night sky. The Northern Lights are one of the most mesmerizing sights you can witness in the Northern Rockies and travellers who wish to see the magnificent natural display should plan to visit between early fall (late-August) and early spring (March), when the night sky is dark enough to create a dramatic backdrop. 

Only seen from northern latitudes, the phenomenon known as the Aurora Borealis is named after the Roman goddess of the dawn (Aurora) and the Greek name for north wind (Boreas). The Northern Lights are best seen within an area known as the "auroral zone", which is typically 10-20 degrees from the geomagnetic poles. Luckily, in the Northern Rockies, this zone is directly overhead. This makes it one of the best places in the world to see the dazzling light show. The Northern Lights most often appear as a greenish glow, and on special occasions a mixture of red, blue, and green colour can be seen.

northern lights

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