The Northern Rockies is large, encompassing approximately 10% of the land in British Columbia. Locals often refer to a places and areas such as:

  • Prophet River
  • Fort Nelson
  • Steamboat Mountain
  • Tetsa River
  • Summit Lake
  • Muncho Lake
  • Liard River Hot Springs
  • Coal River

Explore what each of these areas have to offer in the Interactive Travel Guide.


Home to some of the largest expanses of protected and managed parks in BC, the Northern Rockies are the epitome of true wilderness. Visitors can explore the Alaska Highway, stopping at iconic provincial parks of Stone Mountain, Muncho Lake, and Liard River Hot Springs. Horseback, ATV, 4x4, or hike through the Muskwa-Kechika, wander the nooks and crannies of ecological diverse Park Lake, and see the towering peaks of Northern Rocky Mountains Provincial Park and Protected Area. These parks, preserves, and expanses of wilderness are incredible places to explore—winter or summer.

horses in back country
Muskwa-Kechika Management Area

Explore one of the largest tracts of wilderness in BC.

Stone sheep crossing Alaska Highway
Stone Mountain Provincial Park

Camp at this high-elevation park along the Alaska Highway.

Canoe on Muncho Lake
Muncho Lake Provincial Park

Relax in wonder of this jade-coloured lake.

Northern Rocky Mountains Provincial Park and Protected Area

Hike, camp, boat, and explore the third largest provincial park in BC.

person sitting in hot springs water
Liard River Hot Springs Provincial Park

Soak in Canada’s largest natural hot springs.

Canoe on Parker Lake
Parker Lake Ecological Reserve

Wander this northern bog land of unique flora and fauna.