person looking out on snow cover lake

When it comes to exploring what northern Canada is really all about, planning your trip in the winter months can often yield spectacular results.

Fort Nelson and the Northern Rockies Regional Municipality are under the spell of an iconic Canadian winter from late November right through to the end of March.

Locals have learned to embrace this time of the year, despite the frigid temperatures. Overnight snowfall is often followed by blue-bird days leaving the landscape crystallized and glistening under the golden light of the winter sun. It is a remarkably beautiful time of the year.

Although the region may lack the availability of bustling five-star winter resorts like areas further south, it serves up a platter of wide open spaces, solitude, and the serenity of lineup-free adventure wherever you may roam.

Whether it be snowshoeing on a remote boreal lake, a winter scramble in Stone Mountain Provincial Park, ice-fishing at Muncho Lake, or chasing the Aurora Borealis into the earliest hours of the morning, you can do so with the freedom and space that so many places just simply can't match in todays expanding world.

With the adventurous spirit in mind, here is a list of the top five winter activities that make the Northern Rockies Regional Municipality (NRRM) a great winter destination hidden in British Columbia's far north:

  • Chase the spectacular Northern Lights - The Aurora Borealis light up the night sky on a regular basis in the NRRM. When the stars and weather align, there is simply no other experience like it in this world. 
  • Sunset snowshoe on Parker Lake - Pack your snowshoes and trek out onto a Parker Lake during sunset. The low-lying profile and black-spruce lined lake offers sweeping sunsets that seemingly go on for hours.
  • Stride through towering aspen at the Demonstration Forest - The Fort Nelson Demonstration Forest is a popular destination for cross-country skiing. Once you glide through the crisp and serene boreal forest, it will be easy to see why so many locals love it. Feel free to take advantage of the community fire pit while you are there.
  • Go out and look for wildlife - Taking a drive in the NRRM will give you an opportunity to spot an assortment of wildlife unlike anywhere else in the province. Animals often spotted along the Alaska Highway include; Moose, Caribou, Elk, Wood Bison, Canadian Lynx, and Wolf to name a few.  
  • Road-trip to the Liard River Hot Springs - An absolute must. Take a winter road trip through the Northern Rockies and experience one of Canada's largest natural hot springs (in all their glory). The Liard River Hot Springs are best enjoyed during the quiet of winter, and drive up is filled with opportunity for adventure and wonder around every corner. Do it in a day-trip, or spend the night somewhere along the way. Find an accommodation to find your needs in our interactive travel guide.

Before embarking on any of the above, stop in at the Visitor Information Centre to get all of the pertinent information necessary to insure your time exploring the Northern Rockies Regional Municipality goes as productive and seamless as possible.