The allure of an iconic road trip through spectacular scenery is what draws travellers to this corner of the world. Long stretches of highway here pierce through thousands of square kilometres of wilderness.

While travelling through the Northern Rockies, visitors should be prepared for all road conditions, changes in weather, wildlife crossings, and long stretches of roadways without amenities or services. The Alaska Highway is fully paved (excluding construction zones) with gas stations available approximately every 100 km (62 mi) -- but when in doubt, fill up where you can. Public washrooms are also available along the highway through a public washroom partnership program. Seven participating businesses—Toad River Lodge, Liard Hot Springs Lodge, Northern Rockies Lodge, Tetsa River Lodge, Poplars Campground, Coal River Lodge, and Double G Services—provide access to public washrooms for highway travellers during business hours. This ensures travellers have facilities to use between Fort Nelson and the Yukon border. Before you hit the road, prepare your route and know the number of kilometres/miles before your next stop.